You’ve tried everything you can think of on your own….books, DIY solutions, maybe an online course or two.

Some of them may have even worked for a while. And yet you find yourself here because something is simply not working in your life, your business or your relationships, and you feel like you are getting nowhere.

FOMO {Fear Of Missing Out}, shiny objects and “systems” have you stopped in a place of indecision. {BTW, I can smell your indecision a mile away}

You’ve had that feeling of standing next to yourself….as if you are looking at yourself from outside your body and you don’t even recognize “her”.

Because of that, you’re not experiencing the progress that you truly, deeply desire.

I know what that feels like.  I wasted years “finding myself” and sorting out the shit that held me back. 

Until I sought expert guidance, I didn’t know it was me, standing in my own way.

I was lost, without purpose, struggling with my upper limits, trying to build a business – alone.

Sound familiar?

Now, listen to me carefully:  Assume that your life, every minute of it, is far too precious to waste even one minute thinking the past somehow determines your future.

It’s time to bid pity parties, self-sabotage farewell. You can have the business that brings freedom. You can have the love and life that you’ve been dreaming of, but you have to choose the other side of doubt and indecision – a place called freedom.

Imagine instead, what it feels like to live a life of possibility and then actually wake up in that life every day. You see “her” and recognize her as the bad ass she is.

I see her. I see you. I appreciate you. I give you permission to be you.

Permission to want more for yourself and be different, to say no to people and things that don’t exactly light you up, walk away from bullshit and negativity, and run toward what really and truly makes you happy {even if the people in your life don’t believe in your journey}.


My dear, for your own good….

I am: no bullshit.

I am: blunt, but I care deeply about your success.

I am: tough, but hand holding won’t move you forward.

I believe that you are so much more than whatever meaning, title or sob story you are assigning yourself right now.

You are a person with hopes, desires, dreams. 

It is your birth rite to realize every one of those. 

I want you to win, be fearless and own what comes next.

I want to help you, but any progress you make is entirely up to you.

The truth is, and this might surprise you, but I can’t guarantee you anything unless you take full responsibility for your own growth and success.

There isn’t a person on earth, no one, that can guarantee you “the secrets to success” in any aspect of life.

The trouble with that is: there are too many people unwilling to release the old story, align with their core values, be brazen enough to chase their goals and an epic life experience, for me to make any such promise.


I believe you are here because you want to be more. So this I can promise:

I will never hold your hand or affirm you..

…because that’s what your bff would do. That’s what a lot of women do to each other.

My job is to challenge you.

My job is to help you break through old stories and patterns.

You don’t hire me to be your girlfriend, coddle you and brush your hair.

You hire me because you want to evolve and keep evolving into a better person, who dances with her dark and twisties and conquers them.

You hire me because you feel such desire to experience……something bigger in life, your business or relationships.

You want to shed the identities of lives or relationships past. 

You want to leave corporate and share your gifts and help people on a grander scale.

You want to get clear and confident about who the hell you are, who you are meant to become.

You want to trust yourself and the timing of your life.

You want to learn to create your own action in the future.

Done, done and done! 

I realize that you have a choice here.

While my “style” is not for everyone, many have found comfort, motivation and have resonated with my words. That means they were ready to do the real work. I love them for that!

So when you are ready to step up, commit to improving your situation, invest in yourself emotionally and financially, and are willing to try new ideas and actions I will be right here, waiting with open arms and a loving ass kicking. 

And it would be my honor to guide you in discovering who you are meant to become.

In gratitude & to your success,