A new life begins with you, but you have to choose the other side of doubt and indecision – a place called freedom

You’ve tried everything you can think of on your own: books, DIY solutions, maybe an online course or two.

Some of them may have even worked for a while. And yet you find yourself here because something is simply not working and you feel like you are getting nowhere.

You are sleepwalking or perhaps just existing through your day-to-day : you’re not experiencing the life that you truly, deeply desire to be living.

You are starting over, beginning a new life path or starting something new and the change is scary.

You know that reinventing or rediscovering you is right there….within your grasp….but you need a push more than you need a shoulder to lean on. 

What if you could first imagine what it feels like to live a life of possibility and then actually wake up in that life every day?

What if you looked to your future with excitement and curious wondering, and leave fear and doubt in the rear view?

What if you could heal, forgive and reconcile the old story to make way for a new one? One in which you believe that you are more than enough, so enough that enough is too small a word.

Your life, every minute of it, is far too precious to waste even one minute thinking the past somehow determines your future. It’s time to bid pity parties, self-sabotage and living in that old story farewell.

Enter me….

Your guide to a life on fire and of your choosing. I believe that you are so much more than whatever meaning, title or sob story you are assigning yourself right now. You are a person with hopes, desires, dreams. It is your birth rite to realize every one of those. 

Know that right now, that the labels….the titles….are not who you are at your core. Having to change, while certainly scary and feeling like the loss of an “identity”, it is not the death of your soul.

If you believe nothing else I say – believe that!

I want you to win, be fearless and OWN what comes next

Focusing on what lights you up and feeds your soul can be your new measure of success.

And I never want you to apologize for going after what you want, because nothing you do, to better your life needs apologizing!

There’s never a scenario in which I make you say “I’m sorry I choose better for myself”.

reinvention catalyst for women

I believe you are here because you want to be more… 

You want to shed the identities of lives or relationships past. You want to leave corporate and share your gifts and help people on a grander scale. You want to get clear and confident about who the hell you are, who you are meant to become.  

Done, done and done. 

I have lived your fears and in those stuck places and I know how to help you let go of the old stories that keep you from greatness and tidal waves of abundance.  

I have thrown countless pity parties and know what the hangover feels like. It’s lonely, scary and can make you want to hide.

I believe in you. I believe in your ability, your worthiness – even if you don’t right now.

I believe that you can build confidence that is unwavering, unshakable to the core of your very being.  And neither fear nor doubt can hold you back  once you claim it as part of your new story.

I believe that the path starts with a single step and no matter how small, it leads to a life that is lived with audacity and big, big things in store for you.

I know that if you start focusing on what makes you happy, every area of your life lights up and the path becomes even grander.

I believe that you can write, re-write, burn the pages and start over in your story. Today. Right Now.

And it would be my honor to guide you in discovering who you are meant to become.

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