11 Ways to Compliment Your Partner

As singles and even couples, we often forget the power a genuine compliment can have. And it’s not just about “you look nice tonight”. There are so many other ways we can tell someone that we appreciate them.

  1. Atta boys and “I’m proud of you” to a man, is the equivalent of a dozen roses to a woman.
  2. Thank You – say it more! Appreciation is like jewelry to go with those flowers.
  3. Tell him what makes him sexy to you – Make him know he’s desired.
  4. You make me feel beautiful. Tell your partner how you feel—and that it’s a result of something he’s doing. This speaks to your feminine nature that a man deeply desires in a woman.
  5. Tell your partner what they mean to you. Often we only do this when we are mad at our partner. Sometimes we are just mad at somebody/something else and we’re venting to our partners.
  6. You make me feel safe. This compliment tells your partner how you feel—and again, a direct result of something he/she is doing.
  7. Compliment and recognize a person’s  abilities, character and integrity. Tell your partner how you admire they way they handled something or someone.
  8. Give recognition to the many other relationships in his/her life and not just the relationship with you. “You’re an amazing mother/brother/friend/aunt.”
  9. R-E-S-P-E-C-T:  Tell your partner that you have respect for him/her.
  10. ASK:  Ask your partner for help or advice. This let’s them know that you value their opinion and judgement. It is a huge compliment. Don’t forget to be grateful and say “Thank you”.
  11. Instead of giving the stink eye to someone checking out your partner, point it out and be playful about it.

Often I hear people say that they want to be “gotten”. While we are not entitled to be 100% understood at all times, knowing that someone applauds our efforts and voices that praise can be a real ego-boost. It let’s us know that our partner sees us as more than just the other warm body in the relationship.