19 Ways I'm Raising My Son To Not Be An Asshole

I’m the mom who never baby talked her kid or made him wear a helmet and elbow pads to ride his bike. I am also the mom that gives her kid choices. Real, thought provoking choices. For his every action there is a consequence and I don’t sugar coat anything. (Well, almost nothing is a fairer statement). I’m not completely heartless.

I don’t believe in raising a child to have expectations that surpass his effort and he is certainly not entitled to anything that isn’t a basic human need; or that he hasn’t earned. I’m all about the tough love, because I refuse to raise an unproductive member of society.

When I see children throw fits in stores to get a “prize,” or ask for a toy because they were good, I want to smack the shit out of their parent. What’s next, gold bars for saying thank you? Not misbehaving or good manners are expected, not a rewardable act.

1. Winning isn’t everything. There is a bigger lesson in a loss. Learn from it. 2. Consolation prizes are false wins, and it is bullshit that we have to give shout outs to 8th and 9th place. Do your best and I will be proud regardless of how you “measure up”. 3. Be kind to everyone; especially mean people. They need it most.

4. Who cares if you’re popular or what other people think. What you think and believe is what matters most. Never let someone dash your hopes or dreams.

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