6 Things People Don't Tell You About The Law of Attraction

You’re capable and deserving of an amazing life. You just need to live it to see it – the deserving part that is. The amazing part comes when you act and feel as if you are present in the experience and actually create worthiness. I could throw out some Gandhi right now and tell you to be the change you want to see, but that is too simple. I am going to Lisafy The Law of Attraction and get you thinking about how to make it effortless in your every day.

The Law of Attraction is a life changing move, if you choose to make it. It is not a game and it is not just you looking up to the heavens and saying “I want a Mercedes by the end of next week”.  If you had the means or merit to have that car, you’d most likely already have it and asking the universe to produce such a tall order would most likely not even be necessary.


In order to reap something like a car or anything for that matter, you needed to plant that seed some time ago. Additionally, while waiting for your M class, there had to be some action, intention and meritorious shit going on within your every day.

Ask any farmer, your crops would die if you merely planted seeds and never watered them. You can’t just wish it would rain often enough or that tiny woodland creatures will come out to clear weeds from the fields. The farmer makes a concerted effort to tend to what he has planted, because if he doesn’t, the seedlings could get choked out by weeds and if that doesn’t do it, lack of water certainly will.


You have to give to receive and it cannot be selfish or in expectation of reward. The Law of Attraction is not donating to a charity so that you feel good about yourself. Offering assistance to a co-worker to catch the eye of your boss doesn’t count either. If giving is done with the intention to gain because of it, it’s not really giving now is it? It is a calculated play to turn things in your favor. No agendas allowed.

The act of giving selflessly comes naturally to some people and for others, it takes some time to wrap your brain around letting go of “what’s in it for me”?  Something material or tangible is how most people think about receiving. Think bigger than that though. Expand your damn mind to include the intangible stuff like unconditional love. Consider the affect and effect you have on others and they you through acts of service, words of encouragement or praise.  Look at people with an open mind and heart instead of disdain and judgement.

Now I know that last sentence sounds all “chick like”.  I’m the least girly, chick like woman I know – so take it from me that the fastest road to manifestation is traveled with the least resistance.  Besides, what makes you so fucking perfect that you get to point fingers and talk shit?


“Bad” shit can and will still happen. Pay this no mind. That is called Karma, reaping, getting what you put out. You are not perfect and at some point in your life you acted or reacted in anger, greed, hoarding, etc. behavior. That is a debt and it must be paid. The girl you used for sex in college. The colleague you screwed over at work. The kid you bullied in 8th grade. The revenge to sought on someone for “doing you wrong”.

All of it needs to be addressed at some point and you have no control over the when. Smile and know that it is over and done with when you feel like something is unfair or going wrong. Accept responsibility and know that this entry in your ledger of stupid shit I did is cleared. Think of it like this:

Each person we meet, every decision we make is a lesson and a chance to use our free will in a way that is aligned with what we consider our purpose to be.  Using the chick you banged then dumped in collage as an example – because I know you forgot about her and think that is was no big deal. You tell yourself that it’s just what 20 year old guys do. True, but is this how you have always seen relationships to be or were you going along with what your frat bros were doing?

If the long-term purpose of meeting and mating with women is to eventually find yourself an amazing, wife, mother, life partner – then you have delayed that because you thought screwing everything that moved was more important.  If you’ve ever been cheated on, fucked over, strung along by a woman you actually liked – thank the girl in college. Seed reaped my friend.  But here is a twist. This reaping could come back in a non-romantic way. You still need to smile and be thankful.


Life is like a savings account. You cannot withdraw more funds than you have deposited. Moreover, if your credit is shot no one is likely to give you a loan. Get down on your knees and beg for a house, car, spouse, money all you want. You won’t get it. You have not deposited enough yet. Coming at this from a place of desire and desperation is like the initially cool hot chick that goes psycho after the third date. It just doesn’t work out well.

Empty out all of this type of thinking.  We are constantly in a state of pain versus pleasure, want versus need. If you don’t replace this with clarity your mindset actually never changes enough to make allowances for true manifestation within The Law of Attraction.

I could get all spiritual and Indra’s net on you right now but I won’t.  How you gain clarity is your business and decision to make. Almost every “New Ager” will tell you to meditate.  While it works, it is more important to be mindful. Whatever it is you find joy and release in – do that. For some people it could be running. For others, it could be just blanking out for ten minutes. As a friend of mine would say, “Let your gerbil fall off the wheel”.


Mantras, affirmations and the power of positive thinking are not enough. Yes it is scientifically proven that you can retrain your brain with thoughts. However, your brain is like a toddler. Regardless of how many times you repeat something to them; it (the lesson) doesn’t usually stick until there is a negative result or reinforcement, i.e. consequence. It is basic cause and effect. They are untrained and it’s up to a more seasoned mind to teach them. I can say “I will always have enough money” as a mantra until I am blue in the face. I can even go so far as to visualize myself rolling in it. But what have I done to deserve monetary abundance in the theory of The Law of Attraction? Nothing. It’s no different than making a wish on a shooting star.

No one likes half-ass; not me, you and especially not the universe.  Therefore simply saying that you want something and repeating it over and over, without action, authentic intention and motives – will help you about as much as staring at a hot girl from the corner of a bar.

Let me quote another friend. “I am open to receiving out of the box financial solutions to take me from surviving to thriving”. Do you see the difference in how this leaves you open to greater and unexpected surprises of abundance?  This requires a leap of faith more than repeating something to yourself in the mirror every day. It also asks that you open your damn eyes to the trail of bread crumbs that is before you – the clues, signs, and symbols of manifestation.


The Law of Attraction is not always some big fireworks moment. In fact it could be as simple as a kind word. Never dismiss even the smallest act of generosity or “coincidence”.  Nothing happens by accident. Think of it like an ocean. One tiny wind, drop of water or jump of a fish creates a ripple. Eventually that ripple, given the right conditions can create a wave. That wave moves along until it reaches the shoreline.  It completes its destiny.

You can too. You can manifest a tidal wave of abundance in your life if you create the right ripple effect. Act, help, give without thinking about how and when it will come back to you. Crock pot that shit. Set it and forget it; you really only need to speak or write out a goal or intention one time. After that it is up to you to live in a way that merits a return of abundance and goodness.

Perfection is not the goal here. That’s just another one of those things you need to empty out of your thinking. This is about creating your little corner of the universe that is purposeful and abundant already. When you let go of bullshit distractions; a life, relationship, career, etc.  that is perfect for you will be manifested.