Coaching Packages

Freedom Session Plus:

  • 90 Minute deep dive into your most pressing and current needs.
  • Two 60 Minute calls to check in on progress and reassess your most important missions.
  • Unlimited email access between each call (office hours M-F 9am to 4pm EST)
  • Call Summary: session notes + actionable and personalized assignments based on our discussion.
  • Re-usable action planner to track your own progress after each session and beyond. 
  • 14 days of email follow up after our last call.
  • This package must be used within 90 days. No exceptions.  

Coaching always begins with inventory and assessing your most important missions (needs & goals) in the present. Then we can begin to establish what the end goal looks and feels like. From here, we will break this down into weekly and monthly goals that make sense; while still helping you to stretch.

I am your accountability partner and it’s my job to get you to cooperate with your own desires. Sometimes this means tough love and sometimes this means you get to cry for 15 minutes about your bad day. But, you can’t stay in your unhappy place for too long, because that is not honoring your truth or being strong in your vision for the future.

You will be working on the part(s) of you that you already know need tweaking and yes, we will also dig up stuff you either forgot about or simply didn’t realize was there – just under the surface.

You will accept and forgive yourself, because the new you does things differently. You are not defined by anything that has happened in the past. The future leaves no room to look back and stay small – pinky promise.

Big or small, soon or in a few weeks, shift will happen and your path will reveal itself. It will be my honor to help you greet it – with self-love, confidence and belief in your self.

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