Ex-Wife to New Life – 8 Week Small Group Coaching

Divorce can make you feel overwhelmed – emotionally, financially and socially. But just because your marriage ended, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your life. This is simply a new chapter and you get to be the author.

You’re not alone. Nearly 60% of women feel emotionally overwhelmed after a divorce. A big part of that is the process itself; but another factor is support.

Your world has come to a screeching halt! The people you’ve counted on start to disappear or just do not know how to support you.

This is why I do what I do and why I created Ex-Wife to New Life. No woman going through a divorce ought to feel abandoned. Divorce is hard enough and to have people turn away when you need them most, can increase overwhelm.

When DIVORCE happens—The “identity” you intended to have for a long while is gone. Hello crisis!?! Let’s avert that shall we? You are not “just” someone’s wife or mother. And when you strip that away, you are left with you.

Imagine how it would feel to live a life that lights you up. You are moving forward on your terms; being, doing, having the the things you desire.

Imagine more confidence in your decisions. Imagine improved self-awareness to navigate this path with ease, unwavering self-belief and purpose.

Imagine being a woman of action, who goes after what she wants, because she believes it is possible.

Taking this journey with me will provide you the support and road map you need to help you become the divine, driven, gorgeous, self-loving woman underneath the layers of “Who she was”.

This journey is about raising the standard of your life. Divorcing the old story so you can marry your truth.

This is not a journey of looking back or a chance for you to bitch about your ex. I’m sure you’re angry or sad, but my job is to get and keep you on a FUTURE path.

Looking back keeps you small and serves no purpose.

This is not a journey of hand holding, but guidance. My job is to push you and say the things your friends won’t.

And I let YOU say the things that they would gasp at. Radical honesty will free you and give you amazing perspective.

Are you ready to go from Ex-Wife to New Life and create a post-divorce life you love, that looks and feels amazing to you?

Divorcing your story to marry your truth is not always sunshine and roses.

Our 8 Weeks are going to be a lot of things. Sometimes you might ugly cry, but when you wipe away the tears, a new layer has been exposed, stripped and made way for your new life. 

Right now, as you are reading this, you might feel like a fresh start or owning your power is never going to happen.

I was once where you are now.

I was fearful and sad. I felt utterly lost and not in control of my own life. After nearly a year, a serious serial dating spree and many bottles of wine later, I emerged from my fog determined to take back my life and define that new life with purpose.

The reality was, for me, that divorce was devastating yes; but even though there were days when I wanted to hide, that plan was never going to move me forward.

Wavering between good days, bad days, faking like today was a good day, was eventually going to keep me stuck in a pattern of a perpetual pity party.

The reality is that it’s possible for you too.

Possibility is the reason I created Ex-Wife to New Life. I want you to be surrounded by other women who get it and want the same support.

I want women everywhere to have a community that helps them gain massive clarity around creating a new life. I want women to feel okay about saying the things we’re not supposed to say.

I want women to have control over their lives. Every. Step. Of. The.Way. I want you to go from surviving to THRIVING in your post-divorce world.

You want to be a rock star mom and business owner and have a life that wows you. Yours.

You want to say out loud that you need things outside of being a mom to fulfill you. Permission granted.

You want to make money doing what you love and that means (sometimes) leaving people behind. Get comfortable with that. Seriously.

You want to divorce your old story and marry the truth of your life’s purpose. Do it.

This eight-week, Ex-Wife to New Life journey starts Monday, April 18th. We will meet for eight consecutive Mondays at a designated time in the evening. There will be ample time for questions after each week’s discussion. 

  • We will meet weekly via a 90 minute group call. All calls will be recorded and you will have access to them anytime..

  • Yes, there will be homework. However, I know you have a lot on your plate right now, so I will not ask you to spends hours on end filling out “to do lists” and worksheets. But I will provide you with downloads, tools and exercises that will assist you with each weeks topic.

  • You will also have lifetime access to the materials provided and membership to a PRIVATE community discussion forum.

  • You will also have unlimited email access to me throughout our time together.

  • Identity Crisis — “Who am I? Wtf do I I now?” – Been there. Done that. I wandered in that desert for 10 months, with almost zero support. Getting past this phase means you choose who you are and what you do from now on.

  • Not Everything is going Wrong. — Divorce can turn things upside down, but now is a time of laser focusing on what is going right in your life and how that can be the hope and catalyst for a brighter future.

  • The Real Truth — You are not a failure. It is okay to forgive yourself and others. These are the building blocks for seeing your post-divorce world as it is and not something bigger than yourself.

  • Support Systems — You will have the group of soul sisters from this program, but you will also need to seek help from friends, family and outside sources at times. How to find things and people that will foster your new growth and expansion, will be crucial to thrive-ability. Allowing and asking for support is okay.

  • Choosing the Future — The Vision & Goal of your post-divorce self is vital. The title of wife is gone and maybe “mom” is not enough to fulfill you. You’re entitled to live a life of your choosing, so let’s get clear on what that is.

  • Honoring Thyself — Embracing the new you, loving her and honoring your truth.It is your birth right to be blissfully happy and have a life that wows you.

  • Doing Things Differently — With great change post-divorce, comes a whole new daily routine or rituals, or how you view the big ‘ol world socially. Forming new habits and mindset about how things are will move you closer, more quickly to accepting “the new norm”.

  • Being Strong in the Vision — What you believe, how you act upon those beliefs and how strongly you desire a renewed sense of self, means being so strong in the vision that shoulds become musts.

Bonus 90 Minute call: Dating & Relationships: 

I know that this might not be where your thoughts are now, but eventually dating will be an option. I am a certified dating coach, who worked with men for the past four years. When you enter back into dating, it should be fun and I will give you the tools to do just that.

Bonus Guide Books:

  1. Preparing for your new Financial Future – Disclaimer: I am not a financial planner. I have however put together a guide that can give you direction in handling your present and future money mindset, as well as creating order around what could be chaos.  Plus a BONUS call with a Financial Planner.
  2. Questions to ask your kids and other fun stuff-  A guide to ease the conversation and get them to open up. Plus FUN activities to lighten up the day-to-day.

Pricing and Payment Options*

Early bird deadline is April 11th.

*Please contact me directly via this form if you are interested in a payment plan.