Shit. There she goes again. She can’t help herself. She just loves talking down to you.

She a.k.a the bitch in your head, thrives on placing demands, toxic advice and sabotaging thoughts front row and center in your consciousness.

The truth is, you are LIMITLESS, but that inner critic rears its ugly head to protect you when fear or anxiety comes up around things it considers a risk. 

That bitch in your head is reinforcing doubt and  lies and negativity, all the while smugly staring you down like a damn reject. Bottom line – she’s a liar. She counts on shaming you and showing you every possibility of “why not”. 

When we understand our inner critic for what it really and truly is:

A relentless, misguided protector. Her only mission is to remind you of your mistakes and wrong-doings. When we become mindful of how we relate to it, we can create a massive shift in perspective.

We can turn that critic on it’s head and bend it to our will, instead of letting that bitch run the show.

Understanding Your Inner Critic will help you to unsubscribe from all of the shoulds, dont’s, cant’s and told you so’s she sends your way. Learn how to empathize with her. Learn how to challenge her. Learn how to FINALLY put that bitch in her place -so you can clear out the head noise and bend her to your will, instead of letting it run the show.