Life Ignited

The bravest thing you can do is be honest with yourself and meet you right where you’re at. Where ever that “place” is, it’s okay.

Lisa was AMAZING at getting my butt in gear! She relit the fire that was burning on ashes and sparked it back to new life. I was stuck for MONTHS and she gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to help move my business forward. She helped me realize what I should *not* be focusing on, and guided me to what I should be. Lisa comes from a place of genuinely wanting you to see you succeed. She’s fired up and passionate about helping you become the best version of you. If you need a big kick in the butt or a hardcore dose of reality to help move you forward, I highly, highly recommend working with Lisa!

– Stacy Barnes

I was very lucky to have a call with Lisa today. She was so much help and I highly recommend anyone needing advice go to her. She is blunt, but so helpful. Thanks for all of your amazing coaching. Stepped out of my box and met an amazing guy!

– Rachael M

Lisa was an EXCELLENT coach. She always gave more time than allotted and was always available for questions. She was/is genuinely concerned about her clients and wants them to succeed. I would suggest any of her clients take her critiques to heart. Her input is particularly valuable.

– Mark C

I was ready to give up until I worked with Lisa.She helped me find myself and hope in finding that one great person. You are so inspiring and real! Thank you so much for all of the advice you give so freely!

– Shannon

If you’re ready to leave the above mentioned crap in the rear view and start focusing on the only thing you CAN change – you, then hop in the car for a road trip with me.

But before you grab your favorite mixed tape and sunglasses, I need you to make a promise. That’s right, you have to promise me that you will put in the work.

The truth is that I can’t promise you that this won’t be a bumpy ride. I can’t promise you some magic pill or “follow these 5 steps” to get my exact results.

You are not entitled to results unless you own your story (as is), block out the BS and put in the work.

The REAL work, sister. The work that starts with your mindset. Your beliefs. Your habits. Your self-love and inner conversation.

I CAN promise that if you start with that, the rest is easier. You absolutely possess the skills to grow, evolve and prosper in the face of adversity.

We just have to uncover them.

Ready to set your life ablaze?

Investment: $6875.00

Yes, payment plans are available.