On Starting Over: Reinventing Me

For the past few years I worked with men as a dating and relationship coach. A job I loved, but a job that burnt me out last year. To be honest, I always considered myself way more than a dating coach. I changed mindsets, old patterns and lives!

In 2016 I was the one who needed the change. So, I changed me. Just because I am the boss of me and I can.

I have relaunched to help women, who are starting over in life.

Women start over every day on this planet for a hundred different reasons. I know that I sure have.

Divorce, career change, even this text: I have re-started or reinvented myself more times than I care to count.

I am hear to tell you that the other side of doubt and indecision is a place of freedom.

THAT is my jam. THAT is what I am passionate about. Helping women rebuild, start over or tear the whole thing down and create from scratch. I’ve done that a few times, so yeah, I get it.

Reinvention Catalyst – That’s what I call it. And here is what that means to me:

I’m starting to do the work that lights me up, has me over the moon and dancing on tables. Not literally on tables, but definitely in my living room.

The work that’s been whispering and then calling and waiting patiently for me to step up…into my purpose…for far too long. (picture the Angel on my shoulder rolling her eyes, while the Devil pouts)

Recently, I switched coaching focuses to do just that: create a business around one of my passions – helping women start over after major life change. Initially I believed that this meant only divorced women. After working with my own coach I had one of those “ah-ha” moments that Oprah talks about.

Women start over every day on this planet for a hundred different reasons. I know that I sure have. Divorce, career change, death, even this course change in my business. I have had to re-start or reinvent a metric crap ton of times.

FYI: I am not writing this to sell you services. I’m here to ask you to keep my business in mind as you meet women who could benefit from support, accountability (a smidge of tough love), need a push more than you need a shoulder to lean on……to welcome a new life experience that wows them.

We all know someone like that: reinventing themselves is right there, within their grasp and yet, they’re stopped in a place of indecision or doubt. Some of them have even uttered the word “failure”.

To hear someone talk about themselves in a negative light like that stirs something in me. Honestly it’s a battle cry to help them stop beating up on their self and know without any doubt that they are more than enough.

The heart and soul of my work is to help them get so flawlessly clear on what’s next and become so completely confident in the value and power of what they offer the world that everything becomes easy, effortless and abundantly more fun for them.

When a woman can make known that kind of clarity and confidence in a way that makes people sit up, pay attention and commit to owning their future in a bigger way and step into their truth – they have unapologetic freedom to be, do, have anything they desire.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who cooperates with her own desires! ~ Me

They let go of the old stories that keep them sitting on the sidelines of greatness and abundance.  And fear or doubt no longer stands a chance against their unshakable, unwavering confidence that is at the core of their being.

Think of me as a consultant who helps women start over: desiring to do it with dignity, support and an unwavering belief in their own opportunity getting ability.

They want to be more. They want to shed the identities of lives or relationships past.  They want to leave corporate and share their gifts and help people on a grander scale. They want to get clear and confident about who they are, who they are becoming, the unique value they offer and why their story deserves to be told to the world.

I appreciate you taking the time to read about what’s new with me. And if you know someone who might benefit from an epic-dose of clarity, confidence and coaching, please point them in my direction.

In gratitude & to your success,


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