The Fire Sessions

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I can’t promise you some “system” or “follow these 5 steps” to get my exact results.

You are not entitled to results unless you own your story, are willing to work on inconsistencies, block out the bullshit and put in the work.

The REAL work. The work that starts with your mindset. Your beliefs. Your habits. Your self-love and inner conversation.

I can promise that if you start with that, the rest is easier. The skills to grow, evolve and prosper in the face of adversity – you have all of that within you. You are more powerful than you know.

In 90 days time, we work as a team to create results on your own terms. I guide you with the support and the foundation you need to soar. You gain both a success partner and a bold leader that gives you the tools and the potential to create bigger results faster.

There’s nothing you can bring to me emotionally, personally or in business, that I can’t help you figure out, because I’m committed and invested in your success. I am so more than your coach for our weekly sessions.

I am your partner in personal success, your mentor and I help you focus on things that matter and moving the needle forward on your business, career or life goals. Yes, there is shit that does not matter. No, it doesn’t make you heartless or selfish to put your happiness first.

12 weeks of inspired action,  you releasing the shouldas that hold you back, crushing your goals and stepping into the limitless woman you really are. 

Why 12 weeks? Because it takes time and consistent action over that time to create the shifts, growth and lasting change in your life. I meet you where you’re at and we proceed with that in mind.

Together we: start with a 90 minute deep dive to jump start your goals & your most pressing and current needs.

This call is your permission slip to tear it all down and begin creating a new story that replaces doubt with self-love and the fearlessness to cooperate with your own desires!

In additional 60-Minute 1:1 calls and with unlimited email access

Define your most important missions and take action on them, consistently. 

Ready to make shift happen?

Investment: $2975.00 

Yes, payment plans are available