The Freedom Sessions

Define or create your most important missions and take action on them. 

Thank you for your tough questions and things I needed to hear and did not want to hear. I was throwing a massive fit with my life and if you didn’t make me angry enough to do something about it, I probably would have stewed and wasted another year of my life.

– Sara

This package also includes 14 days of unlimited email access follow up, after our last session. 

All sessions must be completed with 45 days – no exceptions. Here’s why: This package is designed for action takers who want results, are ready to commit and do the work. I’m here for you and want to help you, but this boundary is for the good of both of us. The truth is, you must create momentum and be immersed in your own success, to create better habits and thought patterns. Basically, you have to own it.