The No Bullshit Way To Get Unstuck (Because You’re Not Really Stuck)

Have you ever felt like you were trapped, spinning in circles even? You call that feeling stuck. You’re convinced that this stand still means that you have nothing left or no where to go from “here”.

You’re not stuck. “Stuck” is a damn myth. Sometimes it gets you even more “stuck” believing that you are.

There is no mistaking that you feel stuck, but truthfully, it’s simply another story you keep repeating because it feels easy to explain away why you’re not “ahead”.

You are here and you want to be there. You were great and now you suck. Everyone else has what they want, so why not me? You want that but how? If you feel this way, you must re-frame how you think about change, and get your inner conversation in serious check.

For starters, I need you to stop saying you’ve tried everything. NO. No, you have not tried everything. I can promise you that there is always another way through, around or out.

Broke? Change how you think about money. How it’s made. How it’s spent. How it relates to your situation and most likely how you’ve invited those woes.

Alone? With 3 billion of the 7 billion on this planet having Internet access (you being one of them) and let’s low-ball here and say thousands of eyeballs that could potentially take notice of you – YOU ARE HARDLY ALONE.

Tired of trying? Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Oprah, Thomas Edison, Einstein – all rejected many, many times. Hell, JK Rowling was homeless and living in her car!

Don’t give up because it’s not easy. Don’t become part of the 95% who are on the verge of success and still believe it cannot happen for you. Why not you? If you haven’t asked yourself that, then there is one more thing you haven’t tried. No matter how old you are now. You are never too young or too old for success or going after what you want.


The bottom line is, when we want results we often get overly attached to an outcome i.e. we’re not open to all of the possible ways life can happen for us. Goals and desired outcomes are great, but be honest, are you consistent enough in actions toward what you truly desire?

Here are four questions to ponder, only if you are serious about committing to what you want.

  1. What are 2-3 areas of your life that you need to be more consistent in?
  2. Why do you need to be more consistent in those areas and what would the result (outcome) be?
  3. What are your strengths? i.e. the superpowers that will get you through.
  4. What would your life look and feel like if you continued being inconsistent vs consistent?

While you’re at it, I dare you to be brutally honest with yourself with this. Call BS on your own excuses about stuck. Better yet, ask your friends and family. Do not ask the ones who are the “there – there” types. Go straight for the people who tell it like it is. They will give you the best perspective. Seriously.

Listen, I get it, no one wants to hear how they might suck when they’re feeling uncertain already. It’s scary. Your opinionated uncle or best friend might tell you things you are a bit unprepared for. They might also open your damn eyes to what your strengths are.

Here is your mission if you choose to accept it. Once you can answer those questions, commit to at least one thing you can do every day to take action on your goal. Track your progress by writing it down, so you have visible proof. Commit to this for at least five days.

If you make it, now you have momentum. And the result? The opposite of stuck.

Thanks for reading! I’m Lisa Schmidt, a Re-Start Coach for Women, word nerd, mom and creator of Uncomfortable Conversations. Let’s connect. Drop a comment below, find me on Facebook or grab this awesomeness:  Understanding Your Inner Critic, my free download that will help you to unsubscribe from all of the shoulds, dont’s, cant’s and told you so’s you tell yourself.