Uncomfortable Conversations

Uncomfortable ConversationsLisa Schmidt2016-09-30T15:49:34+00:00

You are limitless in how you choose to express yourself! Around here, I don’t consider it controversial to say things like “Being a mom is not enough to fulfill me”. or “I take care of me first”. Hell, who am I to judge…

Uncomfortable Conversations is a weekly interview series about being brave enough to share your thoughts even if people don’t like you for it.

This is for the rebels, the change makers, the un-filtered and visionary women who want to have real conversations – minus the bullshit and fluff.

Why? Because every damn day I speak to or see women who piss me off. They forget how powerful they are. They beat up on themselves for everything. Instead of leading an amazing life, full of epic shit and people, they give into the myth of what ever current “ceiling” they are living under.

It’s an insult to women everywhere.

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Bitch,please. Of course I do!

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